Monday, September 10, 2012

Major Updates

Okay - it's been OVER a month - and for that I'm sorry. Things have been a little crazy.

Remembering the terms of the weight loss challenge I'm in, I can't comment on that, but can comment on diet and issues surrounding it.

So here's a shotgun blast of update.

1) Diet: Amber wanted to try something together that we hadn't tried before, so I've switched from Atkins to Amber and I joining Nutrisystem. This is the end of our first week. So far, so good. Small portions, decent food, and no guess work. They do the work for us. Can't complain so far. I am seeing positive progress. Just can't say how much without violating the terms of the competition.

2) Exercise: After what happened in Disneyland (more on this in a moment) - I've decided to add another support to my plan. Namely - a gym. In fact, after this post, I'm off to LA Fitness to work out. I'll be doing strength training 2-3 times a week - added to my Galloway cardio plan.

3) Races: W&D is two months away (and Nutrisystem is a 2 month commitment, so that works out). January is 4. Lots of good yardsticks to measure progress. Sadly, a week before Disneyland, I was in the ER with a massive sciatica problem. I could barely walk at the time. I was medicated and injected, but although I was better in Disneyland - my body just wasn't going to do the race, so I opted out and did curb crew duty for my teammates. Better to be safe and run again than get hurt.

4) Everything else: work is going to be a bear for the next few months - I have like six trials coming up all right on top of each other. But it's what I love doing. So much like with the issues above, I'm just going to buckle down and DO it.

How've you been? Are you still here at all? :)



  1. I'm sorry, I'm still checking to see if I'm still here. It might be a while, let me get back to you.

  2. I LOVED the pool at my old LA Fitness! Food for thought since your back and other parts don't seem to appreciate gravity heavy work outs.

  3. Glad to hear from you,FINALLY...
    Glad the back is better,Whew.. I was worried. Get moving!
    I think I am still here? =)

  4. Glad the gym is in the plan...Stick to it all so W&D will be a fun experience!

  5. So how did the contest turn out?

  6. Hello!!! How are things going?? 52 more days!!

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  8. It's been 5 months since your last update, how is it going?