Wednesday, August 1, 2012


So - for the time being I'm going to try to update BOTH here and FB. We'll see how it goes. :)

I've been trying to keep with Galloway's plan - but have been REALLY having shin and calf pain - extremely badly. So I've switched to elliptical training for a week or two - until I can get some new shoes, and eliminate THAT angle (which I think will solve the problem, really).

Just finished an elliptical workout.

Struggling with finding a balance in the food department. It's hard when Amber and I are doing different things - and also hard when my stress level is nearing a high. Just a ton of stuff to do. But I'm working on it and moving forward.

This weekend is the PNWMM! I am so excited to see all my friends again! Plus - I'll be performing some magic at our very own Main Street Magic Shop again! Can't wait! Make sure you come by and see ALL THREE SHOWS!



  1. Have fun at the mouse meet! I'll be doing the Run For Your Lives 5k, so if you're tempted to grab a dole whip while you're there, think of me running from Zombies, raising money for Make A Wish!

  2. Is someone going to put this magic show on YouTube so we peons who can't make it to PNWMM can get to see it too? Pretty please?????

  3. Hellooo... How are you doing? How's that back?? I am calling you out! We have 125 days to go...