Monday, July 9, 2012



The friends weight loss challenge has officially begun. As such, in compliance with the rules, Amber and I have weighed in this morning, and combined our weights (YIKES). I've removed the Club 8 ticker from the site for now.

I'm sticking with Paleo - Amber with WW.

I'm also doing the Jeff Galloway W&D Training Program - which this week looks like:

T: 30 minutes r/w
Th: 30 minutes r/w
S: 2.0 miles r/w

And yes - I'll be posting - and updating. But now I'm off to work!



  1. I hope you remembered to tie your shoe laces.

    Okay have fun now.

  2. Ya know, would you mind continuing to post your Galloway method training schedule and how you're doing with that? I'm jumping on it tomorrow myself! Going to push myself to RUN more than walk and hopefully by next year, I'll have my FIRST Disney race under my belt!

  3. Galloway method, eh? Well, being a Cathloic I'm stuck with the Rhythm Method! LOL

    Good luck with the challenge! I recall you doing very well with head to head competition. (I.e. Stroller v Voice circa 2009... I think it was 2009)

  4. Ok you, you made me join you in the training. I thought if Jonathan could do it so can I. BTW I hate running.

    So I started Tuesday. I thought wow this is easy,until Wednesday hit and I was limping, I did something to my foot running on it.

    So today Thankfully we have a new machine with a lower impact on your joints so I was able to continue the program today. Not the same as a treadmill, or an actual run, but was able to pace it the same.

    Hopefully by Sunday I can go back to the treadmill. Did I mention my hamstrings are tight.

    I am with you every step of the way.

  5. So it's Sunday and I did my 2 miles, a little slower than I would like, but still nursing my foot.

    How is your week going!!!!