Wednesday, July 18, 2012

PNWMM and More

I realized that I hadn't updated you all in 9 days!

I'm keeping track with the Galloway training program - having done 2.11 m last weekend and keeping up with the 30 minute maintenance run/walks twice a week. The days are sometimes different (I tend to do my long distance on Sunday) - but I'm keeping with the program. I tend to do a 10s run to a 1:50 walk right now - and find it's comfortable, challenging, but not overpowering.

Sadly I can't tell you how things are going on the weight loss competition, or else I violate the rules. If you're interested and you know how to get ahold of me off-blog - feel free to ask. :)

Sorry I haven't been updating - but I've been SUPER busy getting ready for this years Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet - it's coming up on August 4. Tons of videos to produce, magic to practice, etc.

In any event - I'm feeling fairly good about W&D - a little nervous about Disneyland - but I know I can get through it. And TOTALLY excited about seeing CarsLand.

How're you all doing?



  1. I wish I could be there for the PNW, but I'll be doing the Run For Your Lives zombie 5k! Think of me, running for my life (and chasing other survivors) as you're sitting comfortably behind a chair!

  2. You're going to have a busy weekend - make sure you still do your miles ;)!