Saturday, July 28, 2012

Opinions Needed - Please Comment

Today I'll be brief - because I usually am anyhow lately.

And that's what today's question is about.

I'm considering moving the blog to Facebook. Basically just updating my status with my progress.

I'm considering this because I really don't have the time to dedicate right now to maintaining the blog how I'd like to.

So I'm wondering from you - my friends.

Would you rather have a blog where I get busy and rarely update, but I'll keep trying to update more and more and be as detailed as possible?

Or would you rather follow me on Facebook and see more frequent updates, with shorter content?



  1. I'm already following you on Facebook - so how about more frequent updates with LONGER content on Facebook?! :)

    Just kidding. I can definitely sympathize with being too busy to keep up a blog - I can't remember the last time I posted at my OWN blog - nor do I have any idea when the next time will be that I take the time to do so. I do, however, get on Facebook almost every day. The big difference is that the whole world can read my blog (as if anyone cared about one man's boring adventures of going out to restaurants to put on calories and then running half marathons to burn them off). But only my friends can read my political diatribes on Facebook - and my Facebook friends are a very limited group - immediate family, a very small circle of personal friends - and my four favorite current or former Disney podcasters. That's it.

    Seriously, Jonathan, if I could only pick one way to hear from you I'd rather you went the PODCAST route and resume All About The Mouse so I could listen to you on my long runs as I used to. But since I'll be settling for the written word, I would say it doesn't really matter - I'll look forward to your posts wherever you choose to provide them. The blog does provide you with more ability to express your creative talent in your updates of the backgrounds and your chose of background pictures and graphics. But if Facebook makes it easier for you to post more frequently and keep our conversations more lively and active, so be it - bring on more Facebook posts!!!

  2. The way I see it, a blog can be whatever length you want it to be. I don't really care what you do. I don't check facebook that often because I got too many people on there and it takes too long to read every post. I like this blog because I got the rss feed hooked up to my igoogle so I can see instantly whenever you post. (why are they getting rid of igoogle?)

    Hey it's your life, you do what you want. I'll read you posts however you give it to us, just don't expect an instant reply from me on facebook.

  3. I don't have a facebook so I am going to be biase with this one! But maybe you could have the facebook linked to a twitter account, so non-facebook people can still be updated? I have this linked to RSS also so...

    Either way do whatever you can do or feel happiest with! :)

  4. I would love to keep up with you more on FB. I am on FB everyday and keep up better with people there, I have to remember to come here to see what's new.

    I also have twitter, and follow it equally as FB - blame my Iphone.

    I do like that you are using your facebook to post stuff about elizabeth now, I love seeing those videos and reading about her.

  5. I read FB a lot more but I do have you on my RSS feed too. I would think FB would be faster to update because you could do it from your phone, on the fly.

    See you Saturday!!


  6. Do what you want - it's ultimately up to you how you want to communicate.

    Me personally - I don't do Facebook. Just too much clutter for me.

    I do understand about the blogging though as I've been very quiet on my own blog as I try to get settled and such :)!