Thursday, July 5, 2012

Interesting News

I hope you all had a great fourth of July!

I have some interesting updates for you all today.

First - my weight has held steady through July 4. So that's good. Not great. But not bad either.

Second - that may be the last time you hear me mention my weight until the Wine and Dine Half Marathon! Yes. FOUR MONTHS.

Why, you ask?

Last night, at our good friends annual Fourth of July bash, a challenge was solidified.

We have several couples that are now competing (as of Monday the 9th) in a Biggest Loser competition - Amber and I included (which is great! It's a fun way to get us both pushing harder and harder than ever before). The prize? The rest of the couples send you for a night to a nearby resort hotel and casino (and if you have a wee one, they do the babysitting too).

The contest runs from July 9 to Election Day (November whatever it is). About 4 months.

There are rules, though.

1) We don't talk about our weight loss numbers in public or with the other couples. We don't want anyones success or lack there of to alter another competitor's resolve. They've asked me not to post my weight on the blog during the challenge.

2) Both team members must lose at least 5% of their body weight during that time to qualify.

That's it.

But to make matters more fun, Monday is where Galloway's W&D Training Program starts - so I'll be starting that, but also including elliptical workouts on my off days as cross training.

I'm actually quite excited about this - with me doing Paleo (and really having a handle on it now - I've really started reading labels and finding hidden sugars, etc) - and Amber on WW - and this training plan - I see a few things:

1) A good performance in Disneyland on Labor Day Weekend.

2) A strong chance of winning this competition.

3) A great performance at the W&D in November.



  1. Personally, I like it. Tangible competition is always a great motivation (not to mention the opportunity for a little smack talk). Good luck

  2. I like it! :) Are you allowed to at least post your progress in Galloway training, w/o mentioning your weight? Speed and weight don't always go together! :)

  3. I'd love to read more about how you feel during all of this. To me, that's worth even more than the weight!

  4. It's been a long time since I've frequented your blog and posted, but I'm glad I stopped by today. I've recently really gotten into learning about nutrition and training programs and from what I've seen and while I may have just a few tiny qualms about the Paleo, (I think there are some downside when trying to build muscle mass effectively) it should work wonders for you if you stick with it. And by wonders, you should win the competition! Good luck good sir! (Oh and great artivle in All Ears)

  5. Hope the competition gives you the boost you need to keep going!