Monday, June 18, 2012

Seeing the Future

Okay - before I can see the future with you - we need to review the past week and a half.

I was in Vegas last weekend (a week ago) for my best friend's bachelor party, and went SLIGHTLY off Paleo while gone. But that carried into a week of somewhat lousy eating when I returned. I forgot how BAD I felt before Paleo. And on top of that, I'm holding onto 3 additional pounds.

But nevertheless - some good came from it.

1) I am now 1000% committed to Paleo. I have what I need to succeed. And I'm taking responsibility for it myself. Amber has decided that what works best for her is to do Weight Watchers, so she's switched to that. But I'm still with Paleo. I have a house full of good Paleo food - and lots of energy and drive to give it.

2) I've been more motivated to work out lately than before. And this morning I started with a full elliptical workout. Sometimes I'll hop on and do 15-20 minutes and call it good - but today I finished it. And it felt GREAT. I know I have about 2 months to be ready for Anaheim - and ready I shall be.

3) I've decided to talk to my doctor about a variety of things that have been bugging me personally - I want to get some blood work done so I can see the effects of Paleo on me - and have a baseline. Plus - I want to talk to her about possibly getting a sleep study done (Amber has apnea). And yes - it's vein of me - but I want to talk to her about Rogaine.

In other words - I'm committed to using the resources I have to make myself the best me I can be. It won't happen overnight - and it won't be easy.

But then again - when has hard work REALLY ever bothered me once I committed myself to a principle?



  1. "But then again - when has hard work REALLY ever bothered me once I committed myself to a principle?" - uh, how about last year when you committed to losing 100 pounds and actually gained weight? Or think about it his way - I started watching your blog 5 YEARS AGO - in that time you've not lost any weight! Not sure which "committed" part you're referring to? If you had only lost 1/2 pound a week in those 5 years you'd be down some 130 pounds by now. Is 1/2 pound a week too much commitment?

    1. Here's the problem with you Mike. And I appreciate your comments - I truly do.

      But you don't know me. At all.

      You don't know how I have succeeded in all other aspects of my world. How when I've committed myself to things - I've done them. I am a successful attorney who owns two homes and a vacation property. I have a beautiful wife and amazing daughter.

      All you want to do is remind me of failures. And you know what? I get it. Weight has ALWAYS been a struggle. It's the one mountain I've never been able to climb successfully. But I'm committed this time to do so. And to succeed.

      If you want to believe in me - then by all means - DO SO. Lord knows I could use the support.

      If you don't want to believe in me - and feel the need to knock me down - then please find somewhere else to read and comment.

      If your comments REALLY are coming from a place of good in your heart - then man up and show it. Get on board, or get off the train.

      I'm not trying to be mean or cruel. I'm not trying to censor you. I WELCOME people holding my feet to the fire.

      But do you really think it's helpful if when I am feeling like I'm gaining speed and momentum to beat me down because I didn't succeed five years ago? Do you really think it's useful when I've found something that is working and want to stick to it to say "phsaw - you'll never stick - you never have?!"

      If you do think that's helpful - then you need to reevaluate your tactics.

      If, on the other hand, you're just TRYING to knock me down a peg - then knock it off. I've decided to stop taking your negativity lying down.

      As I said earlier:

      Get on board the train of support.

      Or Get Off of it.

      These are your choices.

  2. Yeah - our 'cheat days' when we go off Paleo always makes us feel like crap the next day. However, we're not experiencing the weight loss other people rave about because we pretty much already ate low sodium, high fiber diets. For us, it's a matter of finding a healthy balance of EVERYTHING. It's hard not to use food as a way to 'celebrate' when My Sailor is home. So we're working on it - and I'm focusing on making time for me, since the Navy pretty much keeps him in ship-shape. Freedom to do what works for you with the ACTIVE support of your spouse is AMAZING!

    Oh - and the men in my life who have struggled w/ thinning hair have seen some good results with Nioxin. You can get their products at most salon stores.

  3. Thanks Jonathan for saying what I have always wanted to say...and sometimes did. Unfortunately, the internet brings out people who for whatever reason, think that they can say hurtful things to people and do not understand the hurt they leave behind. Your friends will support you no matter what, the others need to remember the phrase "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything" and "Do unto others...."

    See you in August!! Back to lurk mode.


  4. I thought long and hard about commenting on this….but here goes…

    I am firmly planted on the fence with this, but I sit on that fence facing you, Jonathan.

    Let me explain...We have had several conversations about our common struggles and our differences, but for the most part when I read your words and look at you, I am looking into a mirror.

    As Mike said, we've been at this (at least publicly) for over 5 years. Saying we will do this or do that. But, look where we both are today...very much right where we were back then.

    Like you said in your comment to Mike, like myself, there are areas in your like where hard work, determination, success and being committed are common place. But, unfortunately, those traits have not yet taken hold when it comes to eating, weight loss and exercise.

    So, when you post things like…

    "...when has hard work REALLY ever bothered me once I committed myself to a principle?" are not just opening the door for someone like Mike to come and point out the past, you yourself are questioning (if not admitting) your own level of commitment in the last 5 years. In other words, you are effectively saying that you were not (and have not been) committed up to this point.

    In fact, when I post things like what you posted, I EXPECT people to say "here we go again", much like what Mike said. Whether they say it out loud, or in a blog comment, is a different story. You can't argue with the facts of Mike's comment. But, what you can do (and did) is say "dammit, quit reminding me of the failures I'm trying to overcome and put behind me".

    Like I said, Jonathan, I'm looking in a mirror here. These words are just as much for me as they are for you.

    In the end, we all want you to succeed (yes, even Mike). So, lift your chin up and "put your head down" and press on. Show everyone how committed you are and don't give Mike any reasons to question your commitment.



  5. Alright, Jonathan, let's get this out of the way first :) Jack Nicholson's famous line.

    I have in the past brought up the fact that you must have had determination to pass law school. And kudos to you for that. It just seems to me that your
    health and longivety would be just as important to you...

    You say you want to be held accountable (your words, not mine). OK, so you say you are committed to losing weight and exercising THIS time. Great! I know
    the Paleo diet will work as I am on a modified vesion of it myself. Even though I didn't need to, I've lost 5 pounds in the last month. But, I do not
    let every trip I make or party I go to turn into an excuse to "fall off the wagon". If you really are committed, then show us. And I will support you
    on that. The same for exercise - you claim THIS time is different - I hope it is. But you can't let every little rain shower or home repair or Disney Cruise, etc.
    turn into an excuse not to exercise. All you need to run is a pair of shoes - no other equipment is required! And to really improve, you HAVE to push beyond your current
    limits. You shock the body, it adapts, gets stronger, then you shock it a little bit more next time. I'll throw in my often quoted Lou Holtz saying,
    "No one every drowned from sweat!" While I've asked this question several times in the past, but never any real response from you - how many hours a week do you watch TV?
    For every hour you do, if you instead did some exercise, just think where you'd be over a stretch of time - TV is NOT important!

    And remember Einstein's famous quote, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result." Whatever diet/exercise (or lack
    thereof) regimen you've used in the past is NOT working. Try something else - the Paleo is a good start. You have to WANT to get out there and exercise and MAKE
    the time to do it. Show us in the next three months that you really are committed and that, as in investor speak, "past performance is no indicator of future results."

  6. Jonathan - you know I support you. I go through the same struggles. It's not easy, but you're trying and you'll keep trying. We all want to see success, so keep at it and keep proving to yourself that you want it. Prove it to Amber and Elizabeth how much you want it for you and for them. The proof is in the results - you're seeing some now, so use them to keep you going strong and long!