Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm watching you Wazowski....

...always watching you!

Good morning friends! We had another great recording session for AATM last night - and I tell you - as we do more and more of these - I think Bryan and I become much more comfortable with each other - and start 'playing' more. There were certainly more giggle edits that needed to be done last night than other nights. We're just starting to really hit a groove and enjoy ourselves.

Do you enjoy AATM? Have you gone over to iTunes and given us a review? If so - THANK YOU! If not - please do.

In the world of my quest for fitness - yesterday was another gold star day - exercise and good food and water.

Today I have to get a somewhat early start - and will be home a little later - but still things are on track for a good day.

How's YOUR day going?

You're not losing steam are you? You're not getting ready to give up are you? No way, man! Us Disney folks - we stick together! All the way to Main Street!



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  2. It's been tough with the workouts and diet, but I am still going strong. Minor speedbumps, but that's life!

  3. I know I'm looking forward to listening to the next episode. :-)

    Yes, I really do enjoy it and I left a review on iTunes. It was so easy to do. ;-)


    Yes, I am losing steam. And I am giving up. Since you're doing such a great job of losing weight I'm hereby giving you my extra weight and I'll just let you lose it for me. ;-)

  4. It's been a roller coaster ride for me.But I am hanging in there.Anything cool in the mail??? :)
    TOT here I come!!!!

  5. I am glad that your past several posts have been so positive in nature.
    That tells me you are feeling good and are staying focused on the road ahead, or rather that certain street.

    Personally, I am having trouble with sticking to a routine. But I WILL find that groove again.

    And if you don't mind, let me say something to the others that have posted here today. As you share your thoughts, you are not only inspiring Jonathan but each other, and myself. I can relate to how tough it is to keep moving. Seeing you posting here tells me YOU WILL NOT GIVE UP.

    Stay positive everyone.